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by Gavin Paul Carter

Imagine having the power to create a world around you, imagine a story where you play a vital part. Grimney is the only completely interactive literature based fantasy land where the citizens shape its destiny.
Tell the story of your life, or simply visit the tavern and talk to the many interesting individuals that pass through its giant oak doors. Ogres, elves, humans, wraiths all manner of creature live within this realm.
Perhaps you are a bard from the real world and you have brought your knowledge into Grimney to share with us? Or maybe you are from another land beyond all that is known. Whoever or whatever you are, you can share your stories, poems, paintings and music and create a richer Kingdom for its citizens.
Or maybe you simply want to chat and make friends, but beware, there are many villains amongst the heroes, and dark days may be ahead as the shadow of war hangs over us, and bounty hunters, outlaws and assassins are always up for the challenge should you provoke them.         
Take care, and enjoy your visit, and if you decide to stay you will always find a friendly face at Holme’s Tavern.


© Gavin Paul Carter 2011


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